pFusion Technology

The two transistors (2T) PMOS cell eliminates disturbances during program and read operations and the patented band-to-band-tunnel (BTBT) programming mechanism ensures fast programming, low power, and the best endurance.

  * Low power : < 0.05uA per cell programming current
* High program/erase speed : <20us per word programming, 2 ms erase
* minimum hot hole : high endurance, 20 yr. retention after 200k cycles

The advantages of the superior technology include Small macro size: up to 40% smaller compared to the macro of same density from a leading competitor. Every pFusion macro has build-in test interface to minimize test time. High endurance: enabling wide range applications from low to very high endurance cycles. High quality and reliability: proven ship quality and reliability. The double-poly PMOS cell has also been used to ship over one-billion units of stand along NOR and KGD with single digit ppm of RMA, the world most stringent ship quality. Easy to manufacture and scale: simple classic ETOX floating gate process. Unlike other embedded flash solutions that require special process equipments or extensive process module development for the complex cell structure.